Most people will tell you that a cloudy day is not the best for taking photos. Most believe that the best time to take great pictures is during a sunny day. While
there are a number of challenges associated with taking pictures on a cloudy day, such days are actually very ideal for photography. Here are some reasons why cloudy days are great for photography.

Impressible Lighting Great for Photography

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In the evening, the lighting is generally soft and uniform. This is unlike noon time when it can be difficult to get good shots. The dynamic range during the afternoon is too much and the shadows are too dark thus making the highlights have too much glitter. Clouds diffuse the source of the bright light and you no longer have any direct light falling on the scene where you are taking pictures. The shadows are then fully detailed and the highlights have very beautiful hues. You end up with pictures that are completely perfect.

Great Atmosphere for Subjects

If you are a wildlife photographer, you know how taking pictures during overcast weather is ideal. Animals will not look great with unflattering shadows on their faces like human beings do. Wildlife is different because one of the most essential aspects of the picture is the eyes of the wildlife. Because animals are not affected on their eyes by the sun, you will probably not find them in places where the light is preferable. Another thing about animals is that they have bright looking skin or fur. On overcast days, this is not a problem at all.

Lack of Open Shades Not a Problem

Cloudy days are great for photography because the person being photographed can go anywhere. They are not going to squint because of the sun’s glare and the lighting will not bounce off their attire. When you take pictures in a cloudy atmosphere, beautiful images are captured because there is no overexposure or blowing out. The fact that you are able to take pictures anywhere or anytime makes cloudy conditions perfect for taking pictures.

Take Pictures at the Beach Anytime 

When you want to take pictures on the beach, you will find limitations because of water, the reflection of sand, and bouncing light. You really have to take pictures in the early morning because you have no choice. On a cloudy day, you can take photographs at any time. With the sun high up, you will not have perfect pictures because of the squinting and because of harsh facial shadows. Clouds are also very interesting for taking pictures as compared to the blue sun that is dull and uninteresting. Taking advantage of the very attractive cloudy skies to take pictures will enhance your photography.