If you feel pressured to look and feel good in front of a camera, you might need a little help especially when it’s for an engagement photo shoot session.  This is a great time for two people to spend quality time together. Here are some tips that will help you select the right attire for your engagement photo shoot sessions.

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Remain True to Yourself

The best photos, even for an engagement photo session, are those where you both remain true to yourself. The best attire then should be clothing that you are comfortable in and will draw attention to your style and personality.

Wear Attire that Complements Him and Her

While it is okay to coordinate your outfits, but never try to wear attire that is matching. You can put on clothing with colors that enhance each other and have common hues but do not try to wear matching clothes.

Reveal Your True Colors

Black and white should be avoided. Black because the color makes it easy for traces of what you do not want to appear to become very visible on camera. White because this is a color that should be saved for your wedding day. Bright shades that complement each other would be a better choice.

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Dress for Convenience

Because you want to feel comfortable during the entire photo shoot, find something that is convenient. You should try and wear clothing that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  The more comfortable you are in your attire, the better you will look when the pictures are being taken. You should also avoid anything that you will have to carry along that will limit your movement.

Dress on the Same Level

Maybe you both work in different levels and this means that your dressing is not always at the same level too. During your photo shoot, you must do everything you can to dress on the same level. Make sure you look like you are together and not like you are on different vibes.

Think About the Settings

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When picking out your attire, think about the settings where the pictures will be taken. Do not wear attire with colors that will pop out too much or colors that will be too subdued. The setting should feel natural and not look like you are miles apart. Your photographer can help you determine what’s best. You should also consider the time of the year or the season. Some colors look very good in certain seasons while some do not. Your photographer can help you so that you do not feel out of place. What matters during the shoot is that you feel good about your appearance because this will reflect on the pictures that you take.