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Bad pictures have a strong and undeniable effect on what people think about you.

A bad picture can be very devastating for your self confidence. While you might be very confide

Do Not Take Pictures from Below

Taking pictures from below is the wrong angle and will make you look heavier than you actually are. Head on works fine but if the camera is above you, the picture will be much better. This angle ensures that you look up and your neck is elongated. This helps to thin out your neck as well as your torso and gives you a slimmer look.

Dress Appropriately for Pictures

Anytime you are going out and pictures will be taken, you have to be conscious of what you wear. It’s best to have on clothing that will look flattering and avoid clothes that are bulky because they will make you look like you are bulkier. It’s also best to put on all one color attire or shape wear if you are going to put on a dress that’s tight. Clothing will make you look slimmer or bigger on camera depending on how you allow what you wear to project you.

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Why You Should Turn Your Body

When your body is slightly turned sideways towards the camera with one foot planted in front of the other, you will have a slimmer look. Your weight should be placed on the back foot. When you turn to look at the lens head on, you will appear to be larger than you actually are.

Your Arms Must Be Positioned Properly

When you pose, make sure you face the camera and your arms are on your hips. This will ensure that your upper arm is not flattened against your body making it look larger. Should you find the hands on the hip posture to be a little too much for you, you can try holding your arms out somewhat from the sides. This will ensure that you do not look larger.

How to Wear Your Hair

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Your hair should be worn in a manner that gives you a slimmer look and should not look too severe. When you wear styles such as buns, braids or even a ponytail, make sure that they are not too tight because that sort of generates harsh angles. Harsh angles make your face look larger and create the impression that you have a big torso.